Todd Scattini

Harvest 360

As the Global CEO of Harvest 360, Todd brings strong leadership, global vision, and strategic direction to our multidisciplinary team of business experts, scientists, and cannabis professionals. His energy is drawn from his passion for the cannabis plant and a deep-seeded desire to unpack all its possibilities to heal patients and our planet, He is convinced that cannabis in all its forms can legitimately contribute to a global economy, and bring social justice to our society. He is committed to creating an effective and responsible legal cannabis market on a global scale.

Todd recognizes the numerous military and health applications of cannabis. He conceptualized and designed The Athena Protocol, a four-phased strategy to mitigate and treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) using non-psychoactive cannabinoids, after the loss of a dear friend and fellow Army officer to a TBI sustained in combat. The Athena Protocol has been briefed to senior military and elected officials, as well as, academics. Todd continues to work tirelessly to set the conditions to conduct clinical trials, academic studies, and develop teams to advance this potentially life-saving concept.

Todd is a versatile, focused, and highly skilled professional who leverages a diverse background and rare experience across domestic and international settings. He served the nation for 27 years in six different countries, including five years of diplomatic service. Todd is a subject matter expert on cannabis science and policy and provides consultative assistance to senior leaders. He excels at cultivating and maintaining relationships with key decision makers, managing multiple complex projects simultaneously, and communicating organizational goals and objectives.

A combat veteran and proven leader under the most stressful conditions, Todd has the ability to negotiate and settle agreements with stakeholders, while considering the benefits and interests of all parties involved. Utilizing multilingual proficiency in English, French, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, and German, Todd is highly effective at working with cross-cultural professionals at the most senior levels of government.

Todd has developed a vast network of decision-makers, scientists, business leaders, and activists throughout Europe who are influential in forwarding new policies and initiatives on cannabis law, industry, and social initiatives. He is available to assist companies in developing their strategies and forwarding their strategic objectives throughout North America, Europe, and beyond.