Shrinivasa Reddy



1. COO, Leafcross Biomedical Inc. Budding company on medical grade cannabis production yet to be licensed (expected 2020) 300000 sqft of first phase 65000 sqft facility. The executive team well aligned to educated the values of medical cannabis for its medicinal properties for various issues.
2. CEO, Phytoteq Innovations: Served as CEO for 2.5 years for controlled environment engineering, research and development on controlled environmental cannbis for its cannabinoid profiles.
3. Scientific Director: CBD-Medical Sciences a Montreal based Cannabis Company.
4. Chief Scientific Officer: Sevagen, a cannabis product and commercialization company, Toronto.
5. Chief Scientific Officer
6. CEO: Orion Cannabis Corp, Halifax, NC, Canada
7. Chief Scientific Officer: Ten-Ten Inc. a licensed producer for medical cannabis, BC, Canada.


1. PhD Converted Masters in Plant nutrient and metabolic Engineering ( South Korea)
2. PhD Converted with patents on Controlled environmental Agriculture - McGill University.
3. Masters in Cancer Research from University of Montreal (IRIC)
4. Masters in Phyto-Biotechnology from India, Bangalore University.
5. BSc- Phyto-Biotechnology from India, Bangalore University.


Advisory Board of Directors - 2019, Growup Conference.
Invited Speaker - ASHS, ASAB
Invited Speaker - Growup 2019, 2018
Invited Speaker - Montreal Cannabis Expo 2018, 2019
Invited Speaker - O'Cannabis 2018, 2019, 2020
Invited Speaker - NorthGrow Conference, Hernings Denmark 2019
Invited Speaker - Cannabis World Summit - Malta 2019
Invited Speaker - CGI - UK - 2019
Invited Speaker - Portugal - Cannabis conference Portugal 2019.