Santiago Restrepo

Green North

Name of the conference:

Colombian Cannabis. The truth behind the hype and how to get you piece of the pie.

Speaker Bio:

Santiago Restrepo is the COO at Green North - Cannabis Business Consultants. he company he is the clients right hand, walking them through the entire process of setting up their business interests in Colombia. Santiago is vastly experienced in education, consultancy and in guiding businesses strategically to achieve their needs and goals. As COO, Santiago has made a difference advising entrepreneurs on how to make profitable companies. He has quickly become an expert in the industry with a vast knowledge of its hurdles and obstacles as well as its opportunities, which will ultimately lead our clients to become key players in the medicinal cannabis industry.

About Green North:

Green North is one of the most proliferous and successful medicinal cannabis consultancy firms in LATAM. Rapidly expanding in Latin America, and soon to be established in Europe. For the past years we have assisted our clients in achieving important milestones for their business success and bridging the gaps between the public and private sector in order to develop and exploit business opportunities within the cannabis industry.