Matthew Shotwell

Weed Country

Mr. Matthew Shotwell is a former merchant marine officer turned world renowned ganjapreneur and cannabis celebrity. Mr. Shotwell’s first job following graduation was as a merchant marine officer was for the Department of Defense, as a GS9/3rd Navigation Officer under the military sealift command branch of the Navy. He then opted to go to search and rescue swimmer training at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

After his government gigs, Matt switched to commercial maritime operations and started sailing on large container ships for Masters, Mates & Pilots out of the port of San Francisco and Oakland. Alaska, Japan, Korea, China, Hawaii, Los Angeles were his usual voyages. On one of his last trips he learned both his beloved father and sister were diagnosed with cancer; his father with kidney cancer and Melody with Hodgkin’s Disease Lymphoma. Mr. Shotwell not wanting to miss anymore quality time of life with his family came ashore. His sister asked him for some medical marijuana (MMJ) from California, as her doctor in Virginia wouldn't help her, with anything other than prescriptions for highly addictive and potentially toxic pharmaceuticals and so began his career as medical cannabis activist and ganjapreneur.

As a ganjapreneur Mr. Shotwell began his MMJ business delivering medicine to patients in Solano County and the surrounding area in his Chevy Geo, before opening his first brick and mortar dispensary Greenwell Collective in a 400 square foot space on Georgia St. downtown in the long struggling city of Vallejo, California. Within in a year Greenwell had outgrown its original storefront and moved into a 4000 square foot space a block up Georgia. Greenwell then became one the few draws and profitable businesses in the mostly vacant city center, with more than 9000 patients and daily foot traffic averaging more than 200 through its welcoming doors; before being raided in 2012 by the city, as retaliation for his successful campaign to legitimize the city’s cannabis industry and bring much needed revenue to bankrupt municipality through taxation.

While developing his cooperative business Mr. Shotwell and his partners were also hard at work filming, documenting his amazing business growth, as well as the antics that go along with running a medical marijuana dispensary. The content that was created during that time period would later become the vehicle that led to his worldwide cannabis stardom, in the form the Discovery Networks reality show “Weed Country”. The show drew 1.1 million viewers per week, was named to Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Heat List and is still a mainstay of Discovery’s programing, running in almost constant rerun worldwide. Further, Dr. Sanja Gupta inspired by “Weed Country’s” story line, focusing on treating a child suffering from epilepsy with high CBD cannabis did his own special report on medical marijuana, during which Dr. Gupta went from anti-cannabis crusader to stating, “We have been duped”. Mr. Shotwell considers his role in this awakening one of his proudest accomplishments.

Mr. Shotwell has now produced a new cannabis show called “Breaking Bud” with his rapidly growing, cutting edge production company BS Entertainment Inc. and is in demand from a California to Czechoslovakia as a cannabis spokesperson and consultant; always traveling in style in the now world renowned Cannabus.

Awards and special training:

2010 Best Dispensary in Solano County

2011 Best Dispensary Runner Up

Graduated 1st in class (1/291) US army ROTC camp challenge Fort Knox, Kentucky

D.O.D trained in vessel/company security, small arms, lifesaving, PR, first aid , anti-terrorism, maritime operations

Obtained USCG merchant marine 3rd mate unlimited tonnage shipping license; any ocean motor or steam - the highest tonnage license in the maritime industry worldwide for oil tankers, containerships and cruise ships