Martini Meinreiß


I'm Martini Meinreiß, 55 years old, father of an adult daughter and live in Augsburg / Bavaria. I am not a patient! My motto is "I am an adult and am allowed to do that." I feel deeply hurt in my human dignity to be labeled a criminal. My goal is to finally be able to buy legal, tested cannabis in Germany as an adult. And for that, and for the patients, I am tirelessly active. About three years ago I founded the Augsburger Ortsgruppe and for two years I have been running a regional office for the German Cannabis Association (DHV). Since then I have been working for a regulated cannabis market. Here in Bavaria I have been trying since the beginning to network with different local groups, CSCs and clubs. In autumn 2016, for example, I organized it for a three-day conference in Franconia.

The countless information stands and events I can not enumerate here. In southern Germany I visited and supported several groups. The distance traveled, in my bus or by train, go into the tens of thousands. Also, I organize the rally again for the GMM in Augsburg. Through my lobbying in associations and parties, I have already been able to discuss our topic with many, often very interesting people. Last week, for example, I was able to talk extensively with Peter Schall, the Bavarian State Chairman of the Union of Police. Recently also with Joachim Herrmann. The CSU had invited me to their New Year's reception. With State Secretary Johannes Hintersberger, I was able to make a renewed event with the JU on this occasion. As a member of the SPD, I have had the opportunity several times to talk about cannabis with executives like Andrea Nahles (with whom I was even in the 20 °° News), Martin Schulz or Katarina Barley.

In my life before legalizing, as a site manager of a medium-sized company, it was natural for me to organize work processes. Finding solutions and having conversations with builders, architects and colleagues has been an important part of my work. I was happy to carry out these tasks with skill, but after having infected myself with the legalization virus, I soon had no time for my construction work. In my office, I spend a lot of time with patient counseling and my international network keeps me busy. All this I finance without the support of DHV, from my own purse.