Lukáš Běhal

Cannafest & EuroAmCBC

Lukas Behal is founder and CEO of Cannafest Prague and EuroAmCBC.

He graduaded at the University of Economics with the focus to marketing and management. His career includes six years of work for the Prague Exhibition Center as the Head of the Foreign Relations Office. He ended the collaboration to come up with a brand new project in which he combined his experience of organizing trade shows with his long love for cannabis. Cannafest is international trade show of cannabis which grew up into the world´s largest international trade show of cannabis and the leading European show during its eight years of existence. Cannafest currently occupies an indoor exhibition area exceeding 185.000 sq ft with almost 300 exhibitors from more then 25 countries worldwide and welcome over 30.000 international visitors in three days. The important part of every edition of Cannafest is professional conference for the wide public which is focused mostly to the medical issues of cannabis. The usual speakers are the most reputable scientists from Israel, leader in the research, as well as many from America, Canada and other countries.

Lukas created a dense network of thousands of contacts from all cannabis-related industries all over the world, mostly on a close personal basis. He is currently preparing a series of conferences called EuroAmCBC to link European markets with a long history with emerging markets in North and South America. The first year of EuroAmCBC was held just before the Cannafest trade show, which proved to be beneficial, so business partners can look forward to continuing this year. To build an imaginary bridge, Lukas comes with the first conferences in Los Angeles, and in the spring of next year he is preparing a new edition for the Canadian markets.
At the same time, Lukas prepares several other startups, which he will gradually introduce in the following year.