Lance Lambert


Over the past several years Lance has worked in the digital content space for tech companies and top media publishers including; Scripps, The Cannabist, Weedmaps and news site. Efforts around media in the cannabis space occurred late 2013 after joining DFM’s flagship property, The Denver Post. Here he was able to assist in the rollout, and shaping of the true news-first site focused in this space--The Cannabist. Lance quickly learned the true benefits of this plant from the stories they produced around positive affects on those with autism, cancer and epileptic seizures. Being a cancer survivor himself, this especially hit home. In 2017 he shifted gears to head up the herbal division of Boveda, the global leader in 2-way humidity control. He is constantly furthering his knowledge around the cannabis industry as a whole. He's an advocate, an influencer and true believer in the magic this plant holds for mankind.