Hana Gabrielová


Hana Gabrielová is a 20 year veteran in the hemp and cannabis industry. Her career spans the gamut of policy, NGO and for-profit organizations. She has led advocacy and policy initiatives both in the EU and international arenas. When she’s not on a plane or a stage you can find her at Biofarm Sasov in the beautiful rolling hills of the Czech countryside, where her seed-to-shelf company Hempoint is headquartered. Hempoint grows and processes organic hemp and distributes a variety of hemp food products. They also offer consulting and distribute hemp seeds for farmers around the world. Hana uses Hempoint as a vehicle for her policy work with various non profit organizations including EIHA, FAAAT,  KOPAC  and IMCPC. Additionally Hana is working on the development of cannabis industry standards with ICCI on a project called Patient Focused Certification. In last june she become the prezident of CzecHemp cluser.