Alexis D'angelo

Alexis has devoted her life to achieving excellence as a healthcare information technology professional, entrepreneur, cannabis leader, patient and rights advocate.

Her open arms approach, critical thinking, influence and leadership skills, prove that her visionary instinct transcend the realm of beauty. Allowing her to advocate for patient safety, access and availability of high quality Cannabis Medicine.
Born a natural leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, she knew early on that her life purpose would be the “VOICE” for those who have none.

Alexis has a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from UNLV College of Engineering which she put to use in Corporate America Healthcare, Managing 8 hospitals in the Far West Division (CA & NV) for HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), followed by a year and half in the Federal Service Department for Health Net. Before entering the cannabis industry in 2015.

Alexis is devoted to advocating for the rescheduling of Cannabis; her advocacy work among the LA County Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles and El Monte City Council’s has illuminated the need for public awareness and education. Lobbying in Sacramento and Washington D.C., on behalf of those who have been harmed by the war on drug, those who are incarcerated for the same activities that is now a multi-billion dollar commercial cannabis industry.

Alexis is the SoCal Member & Outreach Liaison for the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) and the Consulting Director of Sales & Compliance Offer for Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics THC Division and. The former COO of Kalogia and Chairwoman of Women Grow Los Angeles Market.